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Design Your T-Shirt

Do you want to print your own custom T-Shirt?

You have come to the right place! Use our expertise to print your custom T-Shirt here at T-Shirt Universe. We use state of the art technology to bring your ideas to life. Coupled with our single minded focus on quality, we ensure that each and every T-Shirt is crafted to exacting standards that will surpass your expectations. Outlined below is the process on how you can order your custom printed T-Shirt here:


  • Submit your detailed requirements using the form below. Please make sure that you upload your design as part of form submission.

  • Our design team will then create a mock-up using the requirements that you have posted. We may reach out to you at this stage, should we have any query or to seek clarity in your requirements.

  • When the mock-up is complete, we will send it to you for you to review and approve. You can have us make as many revisions as you want to the mock-up until you happy with the final outcome.

  • Depending on the complexity of your design and quantity requested, we will then revert with timeline and financial quote. We don't have a minimum order quantity, so even if you need to print a single T-Shirt, we will gladly do it for you

  • For large orders we are happy to provide you with sample prints of your design on pre-paid basis for you to evaluate and decide. 

  • Once you have approved the quote, we will proceed with printing.

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